3 March 2007

But Is It Art?

We think it is. Last year we had the opportunity to visit China's famous Flying Pigeon Bicycle factory in Tianjin - see photos below - and brought home this souvenir.
We fondly remember wobbling our first Flying Pigeon across Tiananmen Square in 1989 but have to admit that these days we prefer the comfort of a mountain bike (especially since our route to work frequently takes us across a building site) and the last time we lived in Beijing in '98 our office WAS a building site. So this Flying Pigeon hangs proudly on the courtyard wall waiting for a visitor brave enough to take it out for a spin.

Steel frames piled up

Frames being welded

Spokes go in

Flying Pigeon badges


varese said...

I was so pleased to get the link to this blog posting in my google alert for Flying Pigeon. I have looked high and low for how to acquire one of these bikes in the NYC area but alas, I have struck no paydirt.

If you have any ideas how I might get ahold of a shiny new (or used) FeiGe here in NY for not a crazy amount of money I would be extremely obliged.



(varese at gmail dot com)

Tarik Saleh said...

Ahhhh! Super sweet and nice photos to boot. Thanks for posting all these. I write/wrote alot about chinese bikes on my blog. Start here:

Do you mind if I borrow a photo or two and link back to your blog?



Gary said...

Looking for Jonathan Robson regarding a Flying Pigeon image that we might like to reproduce with permission. Please drop a line to gazjoe@gmail.com or call 1303 2125 729. Thanks, Gary