30 August 2006

No Room on the Trike

So anyway, I was coming up behind this tricycle loaded up with bamboo scaffolding and thinking "well, there goes somebody's neighborhood" but as I passed him I noticed the trike is so overloaded that the poor guy can't even ride it. There's no room on the trike so he's having to push - in fact, that front tyre isn't even touching the ground.

17 August 2006

Left is Right, Right?

OK, try to stay with me here.
In China we drive on the right. So at a crossroads junction, when the lights change, the traffic coming towards you but wanting
to turn left will pass you on the left, wait for a gap and then turn left - right?
Wrong! What actually happens is the traffic turning left sees the oncoming cars and bikes and heads straight across their path, passing as many as possible on the right, forcing oncoming traffic into
the center.
Wow, lucky there's a policeman at this junction to keep everyone in line!

8 August 2006

It's Too Darn Hot

Yes it's too darn hot. Finally, Shanghai's pollution encrusted palm trees don't look out of place.
If all else fails, get your girlfriend to sit on the back of your bicycle with a parasol.
The Crash Test Dummy, lacking one of these, is taking the (probably cheaper) option and going to work in a cab most days until the temperature drops below 30 again.