24 April 2007

Staying Put - for now.

All the recent media attention on the Chongqing nail house reminded us of two similar Shanghai cases just around the corner. The first one promptly disapeared the next week but the half-a-house across the road remains intact with its tennants still running their sugar cane distribution business from the kitchen.
Both these houses used to be part of streets that were demolished to make way for the high-rise development behind.

15 April 2007

Hello? I'm on a Bike

Hello?...hello? yes...I'm on a bike...hello?...what?... Yes, I'll be..hello?... home for dinner...Yes...hello?... noodles sounds goo... Oh bugger!

2 April 2007

Hard (?) Hat

In another sign of the times we spotted this guy in a wicker hardhat and realised that we haven't seen one in years. Back in the 90's these were an everyday sight but in Shanghai at least they have been largely consigned to history.

We're back!

During our recent blocked haitus the Crash Test Dummy was captured completely off his bike - and in the rain - by Sinocities.com